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Dongguan Tianqin Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, the enterprise passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, won the title of national hi-tech enterprises, at the same time access to a number of technical patent certificate, which has a number of utility model patent certificate and several sets "Computer software copyright registration certificate". Main Products: CNC camera, automatic secondary yuan, the second element image measuring instrument, flatness measuring instrument, optical plane measuring instrument, multi-lens measuring instrument, one-touch measuring instrument, laser plane measuring instrument, And other professional image measuring instrument manufacturers. Division I is completely independent intellectual property rights of the image measurement equipment manufacturers, is currently China's imaging industry, one of the strength of the industry manufacturers. The factory is headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,  service outlets in China, South China, East China, North China, northwest and Asia, Europe and other countries. And with a number of well-known enterprises and institutions and institutions to maintain a good relationship of cooperation.

Our technical team, by the in-depth study of China's imaging industry, technical staff. Our hardware design, production and software development team work closely with each other. Software continues to develop hardware in the same industry do not understand the sleeping potential. Hardware has been developed to promote the potential of the software to update the update to achieve a wide range of customer needs. "Tiandaochouqin, Houdezaiwu" --- is our business belief, but also my sincere gratitude and return the majority of users of the concept of the root causes.

We and you, create excellence; we accompany you, harvest share!

Main Manufacturing Products

Main Production: High-end high-quality optical image measuring instrument, flatness (laser) measuring instrument, a key measuring instrument, tool measuring instrument, line width measuring instrument, CCD positioning system.

Development Path

2005—He founder of the company involved in the optical imaging industry, the company's main product development has laid a good base;

2010—In order to optimize the product quality and enhance the product technology, the company moved to Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Dongguan company registered as "Dongguan City Tianguo Instrument Co., Ltd.".

2011—Developed a variety of high-end high-quality video camera, automatic camera, instrument light intelligent control, the instrument lens for intelligent automatic zoom. The main parts of the use of high-quality imported materials, the innovation, the company's product quality has improved leap, the hardware process is more optimized, the company's performance increased significantly.

2012—Get more sets of technical certificates, enterprises through the ISO9001: 2008 system certification, product technology more exquisite, with a number of well-known enterprises to maintain good relations of cooperation;

2013—The company has been optimized for innovative products, the introduction of high-end high-quality "one-button automatic measuring instrument" and "high-tech enterprises," the company has been awarded the title of high-tech products, Multi-lens measuring instrument "and" flatness measuring instrument ".

2014—The company's performance several times higher than the initial business, the company continued to excellent after-sales service back to the majority of users;

2015—The registered capital of 11 million yuan, the product structure to continue to optimize, and vigorously strengthen the company's internal standard management efforts. To create affiliated enterprises "Guangdong micron measurement technology Limited".

2016—Once again through the national high-tech enterprises that, and several sets of invention patents. Performance improved steadily, the company's products were linear optimization, have developed a tool measuring instrument, line width measuring instrument and CCD positioning system and other new products.

The next decade, twenty years, three decades ... ... the fourth industrial revolution abruptly, the company has the confidence to work with partners to see China will become an industrial power, Division I participated in the historical process of industrial reform Pride, enterprises will continue to carry forward and adhere to the "Tiandaochouqin, Houdezaiwu" work faith, to promote the development of China's precision optical measuring instruments devoted.


—— Tiandaochouqin, Houdezaiwu

Reform and opening up For decades, we China has gradually from the "China imitation" into "Made in China" power.

This is a long and difficult process, each generation of industrious and intelligent Chinese people are devoted to the life of the energy and talent,
So that China gradually out of the low generation of foundry, for the development of high-tech industry has laid a good foundation.

To ensure that "Made in China" is no longer a cheap sign, we have created the optical image measurement industry brand "Mic weimi".
This brand for the majority of industry research and development, processing, production of precision quality, providing a green protective barrier.

"Tiandaochouqin, Houdezaiwu", is our founder's business faith, but also our gratitude and return to the majority of users of the concept of the root causes.

We accompany you, create excellence; we share with you, harvest!

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